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Snuggeries… branding & website lauch!

At Velocity we are very proud to be associated with Snuggeries.

Launched this week after months of design, development and build, the Snuggeries website: is already attracting a lot interest, despite being in the middle of the worst global disaster in living memory! Maybe this is the ideal time to be working from home!

Velocity were bought in right at the beginning of this project to initially brand the Snuggeries business, and it’s sister company New Key Homes. Right from the outset we knew the branding had to match the vision of owner, Cliff Gibson – high-end, exclusive and bespoke. We think we created just that!

Once created, we then moved onto creating a social media following on FaceBook and Instagram, even though Snuggeries hadn’t even built a single Snugg yet – not an easy task but luckily we were able to focus on the bespoke nature plus the high quality materials being used for each Snugg. 

The website is launched!

To follow the bespoke feel of Snuggeries, it was imperative that the website followed suit, having it own style, but maintaining the corporate branding we set-up months before.

With a linked Pinterest gallery for ‘Snugg’spiration’ you have everything you need to build your own Snugg!